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42-44 Malvern Street

Bayswater VIC 3153



T: (03) 9761 2180

F: (03) 9761 2185





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specialising in engineering plastics
Welcome to Profile Plastics where we offer a vast range of materials for use in a wide range of applications and industries. We carry comprehensive stocks in plastic rod, plastic sheet and plastic tube that can be supplied, manufactured or cut to size. We pride ourselves on product availability and industry knowledge.


Based in Bayswater in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne since 1988 where we have serviced and grown to be a leader in the manufacture of plastic products for engineering, industrial and commercial applications.



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We are now at:

42-44 Malvern Street,

Bayswater, 3153


Detailed below are the core products that we offer:

  • Polyethylene UHMWPE, HMWPE, HDPE and machine components
  • Nylons - Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film & machined components
  • Acetal - Delrin ® in Sheet, Rod & Machined components
  • PTFE - Teflon® Sheet, Rod, Tube, Film & machined components
  • Polyurethane - Sheet, Rod, Tube, Custom Castings/Mouldings & machined components
  • Polypropylene - Sheet, Rod, Tube & machined components
  • Polyester PETP - Sheet, Rod & machined components
  • Bakelite - Sheet, Rod, Tube machined components
  • High Performance Plastics - ACRYLIC- Clear and Coloured Sheet, Rod & Tube, Adhesives, solvents and cleaners
    Sheet, Rod & machined components
  • Polycarbonate - LEXAN ® Sheet, Rod, Tube, Roll, Twin Wall, Corrugated & Greca
  • ABS & HIPS - High Impact Polystyrene - Sheet & machined components
  • PVC - Sheet, Rod & machined components
  • Roofing Products - Laserlite, Makrolon, Suntuf, Polygal & Solasafe and accessories such as screws, glue, solvents and purlin tape and foam infills.

Please find below our services and their applications:
Plastic fabrication, heat and cold bending, Plastic welding, CNC Engraving, CNC routing, Gluing, Bonding, Flame polishing, Cut to size, Machine Guard / Covers, Tanks, Guide Strips, Computer Cabinet Fronts, Chutes, Boat Windows, Point Of Sale Displays, Display Cabinets, Museum displays, Free standing Displays and Special Project Requirements.