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specialising in engineering plastics

CNC Multicam Routing

CNC Multicam Routing


Multicam Routing

Multicam Routing



CNC Multicam Routing

CNC Multicam Routing


Tool Cut Out

Tool Cut Out


Profile Plastics, Cutting Services

Profile Plastics is a plastic supply and fabrication company. We also offer CNC (Computer Numeric Control) router cutting services for a large variety of materials. We also Cut to Size, perform heat and cold bending and many other services using a variety of different types of plastics. Based in Bayswater, Melbourne since 1988, we have a modern, precision Multicam CNC router, with up to 7000mm x 3000mm capacity. We carry a wide selection of plastic in stock to reduce turnaround time & offer obligation free quotes.


At Profile Plastics, not only are we price competitive, but quality is our number one priority.

  • Our CNC Mulitcam router can easily machine and engrave materials including Acrylic, ABS, polycarbonate, HDPE, PVC, PETG, UHMWPE, Acetal and many other thermoplastic products, as well as wood products and some metals.
  • The CNC router can perform operations of through cuts, profiling, drilling, countersunk holes, pocketing, rebates, chamfers, and surface milling, all to multiple depths, as well as 3D machining.
  • Our CNC router has a vacuum bed enabling full sheets to be held down without clamps.
  • Our Multicam CNC has a gantry clearance of 300mm; this allows us to process flat sheets of various materials and extrusions up to 7000mm x 3000mm at high accuracy and speed, which will result in the best possible yield.

Profile Plastics services industries such as: Marine, Aluminium fabrication, Sign and

Display, Automotive and Aviation, Plastic Engineering, General Engineering and Shop

Fitting, just to name a few.


Materials currently being processed at Profile Plastics:

  • Fibreglass
  • Polypropylene
  • Acrylic
  • Brass
  • MDF
  • Ply Wood
  • Aluminium Composite Panel
  • Copper
  • HDPE
  • And More

Contact the team at Profile Plastics to see how we can help improve accuracy and turnaround time for your CNC requirements. Think Plastic… Think Profile Plastics.