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Q. I don't know what plastic type I need for the job?
A. Due to the vast variety of plastics it may be wise to call us first and discuss your requirements.


Q. Are Plastic Cutting boards better then wood cutting boards?
A. Research studies which applied equal amounts of e-coli and salmonella bacteria to both wooden and plastic cutting surfaces, found that the bacteria tended to thrive and multiply on the plastic surface, while on the wood cutting board these same bacteria tended to disappear within three minutes of application. Cleaning with hot soapy water successfully killed the bacteria on both types of cutting board.


When these studies were first conducted it was concluded that wooden surfaces had anti-bacterial properties and that the bacteria had began to die off within a minute of application. Later research subsequently proved that instead of dying off the bacteria actually were absorbed into the wood, therefore no longer causing contamination to the surface of the board, but actually still existing within the board itself!


This discovery then returned the verdict that plastic surfaces were indeed the safer cutting board alternative as it was feared that the bacteria in the wooden board could have the opportunity to emerge at a later time. Where as surface cleaning of plastic cutting boards with hot soapy water could effectively remove the applied bacteria.


Q. The plastic wear strip that I need replaced was custom made can you replace it?
A. Yes, in most cases we can produce a similar or better operating component to do the job.


Q. Are you ISO 9001/ 2008 Certified?
A. We are currently in the process of obtaining the requirements for ISO 9001/2008


Q. Are the plastics you sell able to be recycled?
A. Yes, in most cases our thermoplastic materials can be recycled. We have a policy of Environmental Consciousness.