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Specially Formulated, Colour Coded, Anti Bacterial (HMWPE) Cutting Boards prevent Cross Contamination of Foods:


Bacteria present the biggest danger in handling and treating foods. Dehoplast ® PE-Anti Bac not only continues to prevent bacteria spreading but also kills bacteria in 24 hours. If you require more detailed information we can gladly provide it.


Cross contamination or transferring harmful bacteria from one food product to another by way of contaminated Cutting Boards, tools, equipment or hands is a common cause of food-related illness.


Cutting boards are a prime culprit in many cases of cross-contamination. Therefore, using separate, colour-coded cutting boards for different ingredients is a great way of preventing cross-contamination.


The colours help you keep track of which cutting boards are reserved for specific types of foods, so that you're less likely to cut lettuce on the same board you just used for prepping raw poultry.


Sound complicated? Fortunately, you don't need to adopt the entire system in order to cook more safely at home. Even having one separate, distinctively colour cutting board that's reserved just for red meat is a great idea - one that will go a long way toward minimizing your chances of a food-related illness.


Here are the different cutting board colours and their meanings used in Europe and the USA:
  • Green: Fruits & Vegetables
  • Yellow: Raw Poultry
  • Blue: Fish & Seafood
  • White: Dairy Products
  • Red: Red Meat
chopping boards
Green Boards for Vegetables
chopping boards
Yellow Boards for Poultry
chopping boards
Red Boards for Meat
chopping boards
Blue Boards for Fish