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specialising in engineering plastics
Wear strips and Profiles for machinery, manufacturing and safety reasons are produced in the plastic material either specified or chosen by our knowledge of your industry.


Various Wear Strip profiles, Bottle Guides, Guide Rails, High Temperature Wear Strips, Guide Strips, Clip on Wear Strips, Chain Guide, Anti Abrasion Wear Strips, Low Friction Wear Strips, Wear Resistant Wear Strips, Conveyor Belt Wear Strips, Plastic Wear Plates, Hopper Guides.


If you need wear stripes and wear guides for general use or for low friction, reduced wear, erosion, noise reduction, high temperature and smooth operation in commercial machinery then Profile Plastics have the experience and know how to solve your needs.

chain guide
Chain Guides
steel channels
Steel Channels
cable runners
Cable Runners
sliding rail
Sliding Rail for Flat Top Chains
guide rails
Guide Rails
special profiles
Special Profiles
compact curves
Compact Curves